Donations to The OPERA are made through The Otago Shore & Land Trust which was established in 2023 by Ike & Jerad Haldan to help facilitate the conservation initiatives on the property. We welcome you to join in our efforts by making a one time, or ongoingcontribution.

The mission of the Otago Shore & Land Trust is to advance conservation, restoration and education on the Otago Peninsula, and beyond. The primary focus of funding from the trust is to accelerate the work being done at The OPERA. 100% of the donations made to The Otago Shore & Land Trust, including those donations made through this website and in person at The OPERA, are put back into conservation, restoration, and/or education. Operational costs of the trust are paid for directly by the trustees.


Words will never be full sufficient for us to thank those alliance members and partners who help make what we do at The OPERA possible. We truly appreciate and value your support.